Voice (In the Night) - 1983
Cenerentola - 1985
Revolution - 1986
O. Express - 1986
Victoria - 1987
Summer Lovers - 1987
Lovers Forever - 1987
and now, the original Martinelli duo is back with
American Band - 2011



American Band is a brand new Martinelli song. For their return on the pop-dance scenes, Martinelli released a limited edition 12' vinyl EP, exclusively sold on this official website and during their live shows, as tribute to the format that made them famous in the 80s, to their fans and to the DJs that still play vinyl in their DJ sets today.



A beautiful suite that starts with an evocative piano & voice intro, and follows with a high energy piano cascade that evolves into a dance upbeat, reminding us immediately of the unique 'Voice ' of Simona Zanini and Aldo Martinelli keyboards, so fond to the fans of Cinderella and Comanchero... 



A perfect canvass for 6 different cuts, all in this EP: a red, disco beat version; a gold, the classic version, for radio listening; a white, honky tonk nostalgic version; a black, Gothic dance instrumental; a green, or better still, evergreen version, with riffs recalling Martinelli's classic hits' themes; a blue, slow, mood version.